HVAC upgrade comes with surprise bonus

When the HVAC technician broke the news about our heat pump, he was trying so hard to be kind and nice.

I mean nobody really wants to hear that their heat pump is at the end of the line.

Effectively, that news is a big bill for thousands of dollars in new HVAC equipment. But once the HVAC technician told me that my heat pump was close to being done, I smiled. I could see the confusion on the HVAC technician’s face. So I had to explain. Honestly, I had been waiting years to hear an HVAC professional tell me it was time to replace the heating and cooling equipment. I had actually started a savings account once the heat pump hit the 20 year mark. We had inherited that HVAC unit from the previous owner. For sure, we got some good quality heating and air from that heat pump. It always did the job for us and we made sure that it got seasonal HVAC maintenance. But secretly, I was so ready to upgrade the HVAC equipment. I was actually a bit jealous of my buddies who had all this HVAC technology in their homes. However, I wasn’t about to upgrade to the latest in residential HVAC when my heat pump was still operable. Getting the heat pump replaced was pretty easy thanks to the HVAC company we’ve always used. After a meeting with the HVAC contractor to go over the heating and cooling needs we wanted to address, they took care of the rest. But one thing I have been so surprised about when it came to the new HVAC equipment was the operational savings. It’s like a surprise bonus that our utility costs have been reduced by more than 30 percent.
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