HVAC warranty is required reading

And she knew not to let me near the HVAC equipment

My wife loves diving into the details of just about anything and everything that she is interested in. I’m not that way at all. So perhaps that’s one of those things that was meant to be. Another example, I suppose, of us fitting each other’s needs just right. When it came to replacing the HVAC equipment, my wife was the first to call the HVAC professionals. We got the heads up from the HVAC technician that it wouldn’t be too much longer before the heat pump ran out of gas. So HVAC was on her radar. She started going online to learn more about today’s residential HVAC and all the new HVAC technology. So by the time the HVAC contractor came over to inspect the ductwork and talk to us, she knew something about HVAC. I love that about her. Meantime, all I can think about is that I’ll finally get that smart thermostat I’ve wanted for a decade. She dives into the details and I just want the HVAC technology toys. But my wife’s attention to detail came in very handy when it came to the HVAC warranty. Not only did she get the new HVAC equipment registered the day after installation, but she read it several times. And that’s not a small document. But by her doing this she knew that we needed to sign up for the HVAC service plan right away. And she knew not to let me near the HVAC equipment. Anyone other than a certified HVAC professional fooling around with the HVAC unit would void the warranty. I love my wife.

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