Hydronic flooring and chasing your dreams

Do you have any dreams that you are chasing or would care about to chase? I wonder how many people are chasing their bliss and how many people are just going through the motions of life and just getting by each afternoon without growing. I know that the spirit wants to grow in all directions while all of us are on this planet and if you don’t let it grow you become bitter and displeased. I’ve chased many dreams from trying to be a volleyball pro, a skydiving pro, a comedian, and now a musician in a band. I worked in the Heating and A/C industry running our own supplier for years, despite the fact that I grew weary of all the heat pump labor I was doing and got out of the racket. I still dabble in it now and then despite the fact that I don’t run our own supplier anymore as it just takes too much of our time up to do so. I do some furnace maintenance on the side and I help our Heating and A/C expert neighbor do some radiant floor upgrades when she needs a hand, but most of our time is now spent making current music and practicing the drums. I play the djembe and the cajon, which is a box drum, and it takes up most of our time. It is a fantastic thing I am not a current supplier trying to make it in the heating and cooling world because it would not be possible to do all of the practicing I do with our band each week. The people I was with and I are going to hit the road soon with our act so it should be fun.

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