I can be lazy, but I never forget the Heating and A/C

When people come into my house I dread the comments they are going to make about my housekeeping.

I know that I am not the cleanest human being on the planet and I do not claim to be.

I am not obsessed with scrubbing down my home office, vacuuming my rugs, or dusting my living room. Honestly I just like to keep up with my hobbies and toil obligations. When it comes to cleaning, I keep things “good enough.” However, there is one section of life where I am obsessed about cleanliness. That’s my indoor air quality and central heating and cooling devices. From the time that I was a kid, my family was regularly preaching about the importance of high-quality indoor air. Because many of my relatives have severe indoor flu symptoms and asthma attacks my pal and I have to worry about keeping the indoor air severely wash at all times. If the air is contaminated with dirt, dander, or dust it honestly puts my relatives in a fair amount of danger. As such, I grew up in a apartment where the heating and cooling specialist was king… My friend and I had routine central air quality control component repair appointments like you would not believe. It seems like every two weeks my pal and I had an Heating and A/C worker at the house to change our air filters, wash our HVAC ducts, and make sure the entire central heating and cooling system was operating respectfully. To this day, I might overlook my dirty home, yard, and personal appearance… But I will never forget about arranging my professional heating and cooling system repair appointments.

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