I finally bought a garage heater

Since our apartment has a 2-car garage and I only own 1 car, it simply made sense to convert the space into something more useful.

I also never park in the garage anyway, because I don’t have an automatic garage door opener and it’s just too much work to bring it inside.

I finally decided to convert the space into a workshop, so I could finally continue our woodworking hobby. I also got all the tools and components set up, however there were still a few things that were lacking. The garage is not connected to the central heating and air conditioning plan of the house, which means there is no weather conditions control out there. During the winter time the temps in the garage can drop below cold, so to get the most out of our workshop I needed a garage heater. Do you think the difference is between a garage gas furnace and any other brand of space heater? Neither do I! The only thing I can tell is that garage gas fuel furnaces are more compact, more efficient, and designed to be safe to leave unattended. Think about it, with all the chemicals, pesticides, and flammable stuff kept in the normal garage, you can’t just use an official space heater. The heating elements in these things are too volatile, and you run the risk of starting a fire. A modern garage gas furnace is designed particularly for this kind of industrial environment, including an automatic kill switch to prevent the temps from ever getting too high. A garage gas furnace is superior, which also means it costs a lot more than a normal space heater.

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