I got a recipe from the heating company

After being sick for a week, I still have no sense of odor or taste, so cooking or eating food does not sound like fun right now. But I need to eat, so I’m going to make an omelet with eggs and some chopped up bacon pieces to get some calories in me. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last week, and with a thin frame already, I’m looking a little gaunt for my stature right now. I will regain the weight, and life will go on. Heating up the skillet is a good start, so I’ll do that after I finish this article and try to make that omelet a reality, but I’ll fry some peppers and red peppers to give it a little taste, but I won’t taste anything, but at least it has some nutrients in it to give me some energy. My heating provider gave me the recipe one morning while installing some ducts for an office that my associate and I were working on, and I really liked the taste of it, so I made it several times after that. I think I can finish it in about 15 minutes and then go down to the beach to see if any of my long-lost buddies are out there playing ball. I’ll return and run my HEPA filter while I finish up my morning work, then stop by the cooling corporation to see what’s up. I’m determined to regain my strength and enjoy the taste of food again, so I’ll make that omelet with peppers and red peppers, savoring the memories of the recipe my heating provider shared while looking forward to reconnecting with old friends at the beach and catching up on the latest at the cooling corporation later in the day.
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