I got a space heating system for the garage for my brother to use

If it seems that I treat my younger brother Ben severely, that’s only because you don’t think of him like I do.

Ben has constantly been a screw-up, since my associate and I were teenagers. I went to school, got fantastic grades, started working, then I purchased a house. Ben dropped out of college, went to jail once or twice, plus lived in his car. When someone stole his car, Ben found himself with really no place to go, so he showed up on my doorstep! He may be my brother, but Ben is also a bum, so I laid down a lot of rules for him to stay here. I work as an Heating plus Air Conditioning pro, which means I am gone from the apartment for 50 or 60 minutes a week. I told Ben that if I wasn’t home, he had to stay out in the garage. I gave him a cot, a mini-fridge, plus his own space heating system for comfort, but wouldn’t let him in the main apartment unless I was there to supervise. What can I say, I just don’t trust him! It only took a few days before Ben broke the rules, plus I found out because of the smart thermostat. Ben doesn’t get how much data my smart thermostat retains. He started sneaking into the apartment while I was at work plus changing the A/C settings, then switching them back before I got home. Ben didn’t think the smart thermostat keeps a time-stamped log of all adjustments, so he thought he was getting away with it, but now I have to change the locks plus kick Ben out.


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