I need an electrician for living room electronics

My fiance in addition to I obtained a Class A RV after my buddy and I sold our house, and the class A RV is genuinely extravagant in addition to spacious… It has 4 slide outs that give us a sizable amount of space; however my buddy and I obtained the class A RV from a lady that had the RV since it was simply brand new.

The couple used the RV for a long time in addition to then it stayed in their yard for 10 years! When our fiance in addition to I obtained the RV, it needed a lot of labor because it had actually been sitting for a long time. One thing that no longer worked was the electronics. It was important for the kitchen electronics to labor properly because of the way that everything was wired into the actual rv. I thought it was best to call a licensed electrician to rewire everything in addition to checking for problems. My buddy and I did not believe it was going to be strenuous to find an electrician that would come out to the campground. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be, and nearly every single one of the licensed electricians that I called were more than thrilled to come to the campground to have a look at the electrical problems. When I actually selected the company, my buddy and I made a method so she could come back to the campground when my buddy and I were there 3 weeks later in addition to take care of the problem, then she said it would certainly take all day to rewire all of the electronics even though she wouldn’t have any problems at all.

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