I need to get the HVAC system updated

Before I leave to go home I need to get the HVAC system updated.

I have been staying here with my mom for about three months now, and I have been trying to help her get her house updated and ready to put up for sale.

She has been wanting to downsize for the past few years but up until now, we have just not gotten around to it. This year, though, she decided that she wanted to take turns coming to live with me and my sister. She wants to do six months with one of us and then six months with the other. I don’t know if that’s the right answer, but it is the only plan that we really have right now. However, we both live on opposite sides of the country and so we are trying to help Mom get the house sold so we can figure out our schedule. Right now, we are almost done with everything in the house except for the HVAC system. The furnace in my mom’s house is super old. I think that it has been there since the house was built back in 1965. Our realtor told us that we are definitely going to have to replace the furnace and the air conditioning system before we put the house up on the market. I think that she’s probably right. I don’t know if anyone would want to buy my mom’s house with the old HVAC system that’s in there now. We are definitely going to have to get to work on updating it.


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