I refused to buy a house without excellent HVAC.

When we got married, my husband and I knew we wanted a home and not a rental unit.

We were looking for a house, the entire time we were planning our wedding. The only stipulation he had for the home, was that it had to have an excellent HVAC system. My husband wanted a house where he didn’t need to do a lot of repairs. We called a realtor and told her when we wanted to buy and what we wanted. She started asking questions about how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, and square footage. She wanted to know if we wanted an inground pool, and if we had a specific area to live in. We just wanted a nice home for newlyweds, that needed no repairs, and had an excellent HVAC systems. We didn’t want it near the river, or the lake, but we wanted it in a nice part of town with a park, because we were joggers. The day we got married, she called us. She wanted to know if we had a couple of minutes to look at the house. We told her we had just gotten married and we were on our way to the venue for the reception. When we told her where the reception was being held, she said it was only a block away. On our way to the venue, we stopped to do a walk through of the house. The owner was there and argued over nothing, and even offered to take $10,000 off the selling price as a wedding present. The house was perfect, and barring home and HVAC inspections, we were willing to sign a contract.



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