I saw raw honey from the farmer’s market

One of my number one things I like to do is to go to the farmer’s market on Sunday days, and i love buying locally grown fresh produce from the market.

I suppose the quality of the fruits as well as veggies are so much better than the ones that are in the store, as well as I can rest assured that the veggies aren’t being mass produced.

I especially love that I can get watermelons with seeds in them because they are strenuous to find in my typical grocery store, however most people appreciate to have the seedless watermelons, however I grew up having seeds in my melons, so I appreciate to keep it that way, then besides the produce, I love the farmer’s market because I can also purchase local raw honey, however usually, there are quite a few vendors that sell raw honey, so it is always in supply; Typically, I spend between $8 as well as $10 for a jar of raw honey as well as though it’s a lot more luxurious than the typical honey in the grocery store, I suppose that I am getting the best product that cash can buy. Not to mention, a lot of the honey that is sold in the grocery stores is processed plus filled with additives. I would rather not waste my cash purchasing those processed honey because the quality is nowhere near that of the raw honey, and of course, the grocery store also sells raw honey, however if you check the labels on the jars, that raw honey is usually from a farm that is halfway across the country, personally, I appreciate to buy my raw honey from the farmer’s market because I suppose that I am supporting local businesses.

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