I should have known better about the heat in the desert

My sister moved to Arizona where the afternoons are hot as well as the afternoons are so hot no 1 went outside! I asked my sister why she would transport to such a horrible area, as well as she said it wasn’t horrible; then the heat wasn’t nearly as exhausting as I thought it was.

The desert heat was dry as well as easier to handle than the heat as well as humidity.

I accepted her invitation to come visit, as well as headed West. I wasn’t out of the automobile before I was regretting my decision to visit. It was so hot outside the automobile that it took my breath; with no humidity, the heat felt savory! Then it was also scorching my throat as well as drying myself and others out. She pulled myself and others into the new home where I was assailed with cool as well as humid air. I instantly felt better, as well as I could not wait to get into cooler clothing; Later that day, my sister tried to talk myself and others into going sightseeing with her, but all I wanted to do was stay inside in the air cooler, she told myself and others I was being foolish. There was an air cooler somewhere we went, including at the pool. I didn’t guess her, despite the fact that I said I would go out. If it got too hot for me, I could find a place with an air cooler as well as kneel inside as well as relax. She said she was proud of me, although she was a bit condescending when she said it. I remembered when she complained about the heat, as well as no 1 was condescending to her. They just told her that if she felt warm, she should find somewhere that had another air cooler until she felt better.
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