I wanted an AC with a high SEER.

We talked for a couple of days before deciding what we were going to do.

When our air conditioning unit died, we wanted to put off purchasing another one until the winter. I thought air conditioning units would go down in price while they were getting out the new season’s inventory. Unfortunately, with all the rate hikes in everything, the old inventory AC units were selling for more than when they were the new inventory a year ago. I wanted an AC unit with a SEER of at least 22, but my husband said we couldn’t afford that. With him being the only one working right now, we had to budget, even if it meant giving up a bit of efficiency. The prices were so outrageous, that we even considered trying to get the old air conditioning unit fixed. It would cost half as much as a new air conditioning unit, and we would have air conditioning. My husband shook his head. He said before he put that much into a repair, he would prefer to purchase a new air conditioning, and use our credit cards. We talked for a couple of days before deciding what we were going to do. He told me he thought we should go with the new air conditioning. When he found one that had excellent ratings, and the SEER was 21, I agreed. We called the HVAC company and asked if they still had that model in stock. We were both surprised when he told us it was on sale, and it was going to be 10% lower than he had quoted, and the installation was going to be free.

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