I was getting some sun while waiting for the heating and air conditioning worker.

Last week, my buddy and I had a single of those scarce sunny days that happen in May.

It was nearly sixty degrees outside, however the sun was so bright and the skies so clear that I had to go outside and get some sun.

I laid on my chaise lounge and with my eyes closed; I listened to the Spring sounds and was lightly dozing. I heard some noise and jerked up from the chaise lounge. The heating and air conditioning worker stood beside me, and he apologized for interrupting my time out in the sun. I wasn’t distraught about my time in the sun; I was really anxious with how long I had slept and what time it was. I apologized and explained it was just a lovely day, and I wanted to relax and love it. I walked into the home with him and told him I would wait inside until he finished with the gas furnace repair. He had a nice smile, and I had to smile back when he said to go back and relax in the sun. He promised not to do anything however service the gas furnace. Even though I felt comfortable, I thought it would be prudent if I stayed inside. It took nearly an hour for the heating and air conditioning worker to complete the repairs. He said there was nothing wrong with my gas furnace, but I had to change the air filter more often. Then he told me about the heating and air conditioning classes his supplier held for homeowners. It was free to join, and all I had to do was go online and sign up. When he said he was the professor, I promised to sign up for the classes.


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