I was so anxious about the faulty control unit

Moving from my house to where I work now has not been a simple process.

I grew up in the city, but thanks to my Grandpa, I got to know a lot of animals.

Grandpa once had a vet come over to help a cow give birth to a calf, and I got to watch the whole thing. Then I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian and help animals. I finished school and started training in small vet offices in the city, but I was glad to see the farmlands. Last year, when a chance to work at a vet clinic in a rural area came up, I took it and moved. This is a place where I can do a lot of good, but it also has its problems. I just moved into this house near a state park so I could be close to nature. But when I moved in, I saw that the heating wasn’t working right. When you live in this part of the country, it gets cold very quickly. So, one cold night, I went to turn on the boiler so it could get too hot. But there was something wrong, because the control unit wasn’t working. I was shocked by this because you can’t live through the harsh winters without proper heating. A coworker put me in touch with a heating and air conditioning expert. The woman works on her own and would get to my house quickly. The heating and air conditioning expert and I talked about the broken control unit, and an hour later, she was at my door. She was able to switch out the broken control unit for a new one, so I can now enjoy heating in my current home.

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