I was so glad when the furnace was repaired

I undoubtedly hate getting sick, because I cannot function when I have a sore throat, headaches, and a fever.

  • I can function when I have a cold, the flu is an absolutely unusual story.

Last week I ended up getting sick with the flu. It was going around the office and most people were taking a turn getting sick, but nobody wears a mask anymore, so we have all given up on being safe. I felt like I was coming down with a sneeze or a sniffle on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when I woke up it was a full-blown attack. I had the chills and a fever. I was supposed to go to work, so I decided to stay home instead. I was miserable and all I wanted to do was sleep. Unfortunately, the furnace in my home stopped working and I had to call the repair supervisor to repair the problem. The guy got there fast, but it took almost 3 hours to repair the furnace. By the time he left, it was already day and I was feeling delirious. I did not want to go to sleep with the guy working on the furnace. I did not know a lot about the repair supervisor and it made me feel uncomfortable to pass out with a strange guy in my home. When he finally repaired the furnace and the temperature was moderate and cozy in the home, I fell asleep in my bed and did not wake up until 4:00 in the morning. I missed 3 days of work that week and I barely did anything on Thursday and Friday too.

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