I was sure I was finished with my HVAC jobs, for the day.

I thought I had all my work done, plus I was cleaning up to go home, then everyone thinks that being the owner of an HVAC contractor means you kneel in a cozy office all day plus tell all the HVAC professionals what to do.

Maybe some HVAC contractor owners do this, but I don’t.

I work right along with my guys, plus I put in more hours than they do. I go out on repair calls the same as they do, plus I am at the office before they get there, plus still there when most people goes home. I have some people who come in when there are emergencies, plus I take some of the emergency repair calls myself… Last week, I thought I was going to get out of the office early. All the repair calls for the day were completed, plus every one of us had no emergency calls come in through the day. I was turning off the lights plus getting ready to leave when the iPhone rang. I had a frantic man on the iPhone telling me the oil furnace was broken, plus he had a newborn in the house. I called my spouse plus told his I had to take the repair call. I could not let his go without a oil furnace, even if it was for several hours. I grabbed my HVAC ID badge plus went to the house. It took 2 hours to repair the oil furnace, plus the man was so glad that he was crying. When I got home, I told my spouse about the guy’s reaction, he smiled plus asked if I wanted his to file the bill. She already knew I hadn’t charged the man for the repair call.

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