I went a little nuts at the Air Conditioning convention

I attended a convention for work, but will admit that I got a little crazy.

I have been in the company for over seven years now, but this was the first time that I had gone to the national convention plus trade show.

I went there with only the best of intentions, although I had no idea how much fun that neighborhood could be. Not to mention that it seemed everyone else there was intent on having a celebration, I just got swept up in the action! I doubt my bosses will allow me to ever attend a major trade show or industry convention again for as long as I work here, before the convention I didn’t know Heating plus Air Conditioning techs could celebration that hard! Like most conventions, the days were filled with long meetings, presentations, plus discussions about the newest innovations in Heating plus Air Conditioning tech plus equipment. I heard a really interesting lecture on a new brand of dehumidifier that worked 76% more efficiently than any currently existing model. It was after the Heating plus Air Conditioning convention closed down for the night that the parties started happening. It seemed like every Heating plus Air Conditioning worker there was hosting a small celebration in their hotel room. I went from room to room having stiff drinks plus meeting people plus having a generally amazing time. The next morning it was time for another heating plus cooling demonstration, although I was too hungover to attend. I made it to an morning session about solar powered AC units, but got violently ill plus had to leave early. After my embarrassing behavior, the bosses at my Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier are dissatisfied with me.

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