I would rather use a window cooling system than a portable unit

Don’t know the hype on new products just because of their novelty. A lot of fine existing technology gets thrown out plus is greatly diminished that day. The consumer vaping community is no exception. Some of these dealers are just interested in coming out with a proprietary vaping component for e-juice even if there are a plethora of proven devices already in the market. The problem is that the best devices are both modular plus non-proprietary, so it’s a missed opportunity for more profit from the corporation’s perspective. If you’re a guy who uses e-juice vapes, you should check out what others say on the internet before you purchase an atomiser that doesn’t work well. No matter what kind of product problems you’re having nowadays, there’s a fine opportunity that dozens of other people have already faced the same problem plus have made forum posts on the internet about it. Be smart plus take luck of those forum posts on the internet that describe the problems in detail plus leave helpful hints plus guides to find a solution. Many people have bought junk atomizers only to have heaps of vapers jump onto their forum thread to tell them which e-juice vaporizers are the best. Air conditioning companies pull the same thing with these attractive looking portable cooling systems which are nothing more than energy wasters. Unless the portable cooling system has a minute hose linked for air cooling of the compressor, you’re going to be disappointed with your cooling system’s energy efficiency. That’s why I would always take a window cooling system over a portable unit any day of the week.
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