I’m loving working from home with ductless heat pump

It’s easy to be in love with my job these days.

And it’s not just because I’m working for myself. However, that is a large measure of just why I’m loving my work life right now. After almost 15 years inside the commercial HVAC of the office I worked in, I’m so glad to be out of there. I loved the work but wasn’t a good fit for that sort of environment. Don’t get me wrong, the space I worked is was quite nice indeed. I enjoyed having the zone controlled HVAC and the break room that was nicer than my kitchen at home. But it was the atmosphere that I found to be not only distracting but negative and an obstacle to my work. I just never could find a way to get around all that office drama and politics. For sure, it seemed like everyone was gunning for the next office with its own thermostat that became vacant after someone got canned. And I saw plenty of those same people starting rumors and doing all sorts of bad faith stuff toward other colleagues. When the pandemic happened, I was actually happier with my life even though a serious global threat was in our midst. Just working from home inside the central air conditioning was awesome because I didn’t have to deal with all that junk in the office. That made it much easier to go out on my own. I’m still working from home but for myself. And the ductless heat pump I have makes my home office the equal of any back in that building where I once worked.
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