Injuring psoas muscle

I am a dance and dance coach at a gym that I own and operate, then i’ve worked with kids from age more than two to eighteen for over 10 years.

My task is really hands-on.

I not only instruct but assist the kids as they learn and accomplish more complicated skills. I often need to give guidance, support and confidence. I strive to prevent injury. I catch their body weight when necessary. I work to encourage their body into the typical position. I am a fairly small guy and most of the kids are larger than I am; However, I have l earned the right way to handle the completion of the tumbling tricks to be successful separate from hurting myself. I am also conscientious about working out. I exercise every day, focusing heavily on strength, balance and range of motion. I make sure that I’m prepared for the demands of the task, and unluckyly, injuries still happen! Because I am extremely dedicated to keeping the kids safe, I’m usually the one who sustains the injuries. I’ve gotten kicked and hit in the face. I’ve had bloody noses, split lips and black eyeah. Most of the injuries are minor and they don’t happen often! The worst injury was a strained psoas muscle from spotting a back handSpringtime. The boy veered away from me, forcing me to lunge to catch her. The psoas muscle extends from the but, down the back of the leg and wraps around to the knee. The pain was excruciating. It hurt me to rest or lie down. I could only find relief by standing. I iced the muscle, took pain pills and was unable to work for several weeks. It took me nearly a year to get back to feeling totally healed.

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