Is there an electrical repairman in the area?

My sister had recently moved back into the area.

  • She and her husband had lived in California for the last fifteen years, and were moving back home.

She was tired of the hustle of the city area and wanted to get back to farm country. They found what they thought was the perfect house until they had their home inspections done. The first thing the inspector said was that they needed to have the house electrical system redone. Nothing was up to code, and there were no outlets in the bathroom. There was only one extra outlet in the kitchen and the living room had too many outlets that were all connected to one breaker. She called me in a panic and asked if there was an electrical repairman in the area. After she told me what all was going on, I told her she needed an electrical contractor and not an electrical repairman. I don’t think she cared if it was an electrical contractor, electrical repairman, or an electrician. She needed someone who could redo the electrical system and do it fast. They had already sold the house out west and they needed to purchase this home ASAP. I called several people I knew, but none of them had the qualifications needed to install new breaker panels and rewire the entire home. My wife’s brother told me he had a friend who could do all the rewiring. He was a general contractor, but he was an electrician. Between him and his electrical contractor, they could have the house rewired, new breaker panels, and the walls repaired in about two weeks.


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