Is there going overboard when it comes to air condition systems?

The last time the annual board meeting was held, the a/c failed during the session, but the situation got so bad that we had to transport the discussion to a unusual room where the atmosphere was more favorable. It was an embarrassment since ours is the main office where everything is supposed to transport smoothly, but several people feared that they would lose their jobs because of it, however nobody lost their job, although we were all warned sternly. This time around, we wanted to take our time, then before the annual general meeting, we sort out Heating & A/C maintenance from the local corporation. To ensure the air cleaner was in fantastic condition, we called the Heating & A/C supplier, who sent several Heating & A/C servicemans to care for duct cleaning to help with indoor comfort. They also updated the air filter with a washable a single… After that incident, the supplier also bought an media media air cleaner explicitly for such meetings. For someone looking from the outside, it looked like we were going overboard when it came to our air quality systems when the Heating & A/C unit was more than capable of taking care of the indoor air quality, however we were not taking any chances. The temperature control did not need updatement since it was pretty new… With the ducts squeaky clean, we were all set. All the preparations reminded me that I never took note of the HVAC duct in my house, however that would change. I called the Heating & A/C professional the same morning & tied up apartment services. After the AGM went on without a hitch, you could see the relief on everyone’s faces.
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