It started with a smart control unit, now mom’s more techy than I am

You have to be careful what you teach your kids.

I have heard this for a long time however I’ve never had children of my own.

I’ve never had to worry about what I said or did around impressionable young eyes, because I only have to take care of myself. Well, there were times that I felt like I was in charge of taking care of my mom like a whining child. Usually, her complaints came when she was pestering me to help her with some kind of tech problem. Thankfully, however, I taught my mom how to be more technologically independent by purchasing her a smart control unit. I knew that my mom would appreciate having a brand modern smart control unit in her apartment because she is a immense fan of indoor air quality management. Besides that, she cares about saving currency on her energy bill every month plus she’s consistently looking for modern ways to decrease her utility expenses. I figured that a smart control unit was a fantastic way for her to manage her indoor air quality without freaking out about her high-energy cost. Well, purchasing plus installing the smart control unit for her was maybe the best thing I’ve ever done. Since she started using the smart control unit, she’s also had to get acclimated to other technology. She used her cellphone to set the central heating plus cooling program, plus she even connected to the smart control unit app to her PC. These days, my mom is consistently fiddling with the smart control unit plus she doesn’t ask for my help with any of it. My only regret is, now she consistently remarks on my own control unit settings plus she has multiple technologies to do it. I know you have to be careful what you teach your parents.

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