It was a convenient time for the AC to break down

Call me an eternal optimist, because I like to look on the bright side of any bad situation.

Many years ago I was undoubtedly a dour plus emo type of person.

To me the glass was constantly half empty, never half full. Eventually I just got exhausted of being angry, sad plus distraught all the time, plus decided to make some changes. I started doing yoga, meditating, plus smoking a lot of pot. I made a concerted effort to release my stress plus worry plus just prefer the moment. Currently I am currently going through some troubles at home, although I continue to cast things in a much more positive light. When my Heating plus Air Conditioning idea died, I knew that I didn’t have enough dough to service it. I didn’t even have enough currency on hand to pay for a Heating plus Air Conditioning tech to tell me what the complication was. I could have gotten depressed, but instead I found that this was the only time of the entire year when I could survive a few weeks without A/C. I live deep in the south, where my associate and I basically run our A/C systems 9 to 11 months a year. My A/C unit happened to break right in that sweet spot where the temps were nice plus the humidity was lowest. In other words – if my A/C was going to break, this was the best possible time for it to happen. Now I still have a few weeks to save up more currency, which hopefully will be enough to cover the Heating plus Air Conditioning service costs so that I can have it back before the muggy summer time arrives.

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