It was a debate, but we chose an HVAC company.

We moved into our house about six months ago.

  • For two months, my partner and I vacillated over which Hvac company we were going to use.

He wanted the one that was closer to our home, but I wanted the one that seemed to do better work. The one closer to the house was the less costly of the HVAC companies. He said saving money wasn’t always what you wanted, when looking for an HVAC company to service your home. I went to the paperwork we got when we bought the house. I pointed out they had been using the closest HVAC company, and we should continue using them. They knew the HVAC system. He told me they couldn’t have been doing a good job, if you look at how many repairs they had done over the last two years, and the HVAC system was only five years old. We ended up calling two other HVAC companies and asking for a free inspection of the HVAC system, before making our decision. One company pointed out several problems that could be a huge problem in the future. He told us that whoever had been doing the service in the past had missed something every time. My partner raised an eyebrow, and asked if I had any further arguments on the subject? I shook my head and walked away. We hired the HVAC company he was considering, and was also the one who pointed out the discrepancies in the service reports and what had actually been done. I lost the debate.


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