It was not a good time staying at a non-air conditioned AirBnB

I enjoyed traveling for the greater part of my life! I have gone to all sorts of different locales plus I typically make sure that every AirBnB has good a/c equipment.

It is one of the main features I look for when trying to find a locale to stay.

I absolutely cherish traveling although I can’t really take the heat. Recently, I traveled to a small village that had some beautiful hiking trails. I found this amazing AirBnB that was roughly a half mile walk into the woods. I didn’t actually think about having a/c equipment on this one chance because I knew this locale was in the middle of the woods with trees protecting it from the sun, but I was wrong! The trees did keep the sunlight from beaming on the locale however the AirBnB was actually hot plus muggy. There was so much humidity that I couldn’t sleep during the night hours. I just started to feel exhausted plus irritable overall. I still wanted to go hiking although I didn’t actually have the energy because sleep was impossible. I actually wish I picked a locale that had a/c equipment now. The locale itself is attractive however this weather wasn’t suitable for me. I only stayed there for 2 afternoons out of the 5 I was supposed to plus found another locale that wasn’t in the woods that had central a/c equipment. It was totally attractive plus I fell asleep in no time at all. I actually learned a strenuous lesson that day. I have to make sure I typically have a/c equipment or I will struggle to have any energy in the slightest. The first night after sleeping at the central a/c AirBnB I was able to do my hike plus I hiked past the previous locale I was at previously.

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