It’s best not to ignore air vents

Ductwork consists of a system of pipes that distributes air from the heating, air conditioning plus ventilation component throughout the rooms of the home.

  • When the duct system is tested in enjoyable working order, the home is more comfortable, healthier plus stays cleaner.

The heating/cooling system operates more effectively, efficiently plus reliably. The majority of homeowners overlook the importance of the ducts. In most homes, leaky ducts are a problem. Because the pipes are almost actually concealed behind walls plus in crawl spaces, they are simple to ignore, then gaps, cracks plus leaks at the seams allow conditioned air to escape before reaching the intended destination. In the average home, approximately 10 to 30% of heated plus cooled air is lost. There are more than two types of duct leaks… Supply leaks are when the air provided by the oil furnace or a/c is wasted. Equipment leakage is when components such as the coils or cabinets have seams with either blow or pull in air. When these seams aren’t properly sealed, they setbackly impact airflow. The third style is return leakage. This is when ducts in the attics plus wall cavities suck unconditioned air into the ventilation system plus carry it back to the oil furnace or a/c. All more than two of these issues lead to contaminated air quality, needless energy waste, higher running costs plus added wear plus tear on the whole system, however professional duct system performance testing determines if there are leaks plus how severe. Most HVAC businesss supply duct sealing, utilizing specialized tools plus processes to access the entirety of the system plus resolve issues separate from causing destruction.

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