Jealous of my sibling’s smart thermostat

I periodically wish I was the older sibling! I feel that as you age you become smarter, wealthier, & just plain better if you do things right in life! My sibling has everything going right for her & I’m legitimately jealous, but then again, she is 40 years old & I am 25 years old. I know, the age difference is pretty big but Mom & Dad had her when Mom was 18 years old. Mom & Dad had her right after high school & just stuck to it with my sibling. I came much farther down the line when my parents were more financially capable. I assume my sibling learned a lot from them when she was younger because she didn’t have any kids until she felt she was in a good venue financially. I just tend to screw up a lot & make a lot of mistakes with everything in life, & yup that includes the law! Still, recently she had the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company send over one of their heating & cooling techs; What she wanted was a smart thermostat installed. She enjoys to have someone else do the work when she genuinely could’ve installed it herself, or even her hubby; The other day my associate and I were at the park & she was just messing with the thermostat temperature settings making sure that the apartment was cool. I am legitimately jealous of this. She saves even more money by making sure things are not running when she isn’t home. Some day I will be there but I have to get my life straight & stop making mistakes in life.

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