July is officially one of the hottest months of the year

My sister has wanted to buy an RV so that she could drive across the country.

  • This had been her dream even before she got married, but it became one of those desires that got put on the back burner.

Well, when the pandemic hit and my sister began working from home, she viewed it as an opening to buy her dream RV that she had wanted. So, after shopping around for four months, my sister found the perfect RV with enough room for the entire family. She made the purchase in late June, and they made their first trip in July. Well, as you already know, July is one of the hottest months of the year. And that Summer did not disappoint. In fact, my sister and her family experienced some record splitting temperatures. Due to the high levels of heat, the cooling unit inside the RV could not keep up, which resulted in many sleepless nights. After chatting with a few RV owners that my sister met during their travels, she decided to take some of their suggestions; One included purchasing a portable a/c for the RV. She had never used a portable a/c before because 1) my sister never needed one and 2) she didn’t think that they worked well. Despite her skepticism, my sister went ahead and purchased one of the best portable a/cs on the market. And to her surprise, the portable a/c became her saving grace. The component worked so well that she forgot that she was sleeping in an RV. Since then, my sister purchased another portable a/c for the RV and ever since. She has had the most comfortable experience while she cruises across the country.

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