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I’m going to write one more of these articles plus then take a break for a few minutes plus do my yoga routine. After that I am going to work online for about another 45 minutes or so plus then go for a walk in the park plus test out my knees. I kind of overdid it recently with exercise plus sports plus need to be careful with my knees. I also need to beginning taking my collagen plus glucosamine supplements to help heal them plus get them stronger again. My knees kind of grind when I walk plus cooling plus heating them each afternoon helps speed up the healing process. I use ice packs to cool them down plus after that I heat them back up with some sizzling water bags. I was cooling them down in the sea but I am not near the sea now so I have to cool them with ice plus I will heat them up with the radiant heating system or with the sizzling water bags. They are feeling much better this week plus I am going to maybe get an MRI done on each one to see what is causing the grinding sound plus feeling. My Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C tech neighbor had the same problem plus he said rest plus ice were the best therapy for him. I know he kind of did too much too soon plus hurt his knees, after this injury he got playing volleyball with me one afternoon. He does a lot of lifting of heavy Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C component plus also does lots of duct cleaning plus he needs his knees laboring well for that stuff.
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