Looking for an apartment with central HVAC

After many, many bad experiences involving all kinds of heating and air conditioning that was not central HVAC, I decided that I was only going to go with central heating and cooling from then on.

  • The two main forms of heating and A/C I had experienced was window HVAC and wall mounted heating and air conditioning.

Those two never did anything for me. These heating and A/C devices could only cool the room they were in, if you wanted to be warm or cool in any other room, you were out of luck. I went several months never feeling satisfied with my climate control. There were honestly many days where I ever debated turning the machine on, I mean, what was the point? So after I had enough money to move out, I knew I would only get an apartment complex that had central heating and cooling. Unfortunately, this was harder than you would think. For whatever reason, it seemed like my area was filled with apartments with cheap and inefficient HVAC devices. It was honestly difficult to find places with better furnaces and cooling devices. And the places that did have that kind of HVAC technology, were very expensive. I finally found one place with one room left, and I snatched it up as quickly as I could. Thankfully, living here is much better, and I am happy. The thermostat and HVAC works as well as it should, and I am so grateful I don’t have to deal with uneven temperatures anymore.


Geo heat pump