Making a home office with ductless HVAC

It didn’t start with the pandemic but I sure knew I was ready for the change because of the pandemic.

The plan was that I’d get my master’s degree, spend a few years in a corporate structure and then go out on my own.

But prior to leaving the zone controlled HVAC of the office to work remotely from home, I had been at my job for just over a decade. So much for just breathing the corporate commercial HVAC for a few years. Indeed, I’ve learned a great deal and honed my skills while advancing in my career with the company. Yet, my desire never really was to get a corner office with my own thermostat. And being at home working from my own air conditioning during the worst of the pandemic sure reminded me of that fact. So I decided that there really was no better time to go out alone. I asked to stay working remotely from home while I finalized my plans. This fall, I finished off my home office with a ductless heat pump. This was once my guest room but I like the fact of doing it without the overhead of office space. Being a consultant, I’ll want to scale up with staff and all that prior to renting an office. Just baby steps right now. But I’m very pleased to have such great quality heating and air in my new home office. I like having a separate HVAC unit from the rest of the house so I can keep the thermostat where I like it while I work. I guess, in a way, I’m actually enjoying an office with my own thermostat afterall.



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