Making amends for a stolen air conditioner

As a part of my recovery program, one of the steps is to “make amends” for anyone I might have wronged over the years.

After 20 years of living like a teenager I am finally cleaning my act up and becoming an adult.

I have spent the last few weeks hunting down old friends, acquaintances, and enemies to apologize to them for my past behavior. I have to admit that it does bring a little relief to my soul. The last thing on my list I need to make amends for is the air conditioner I stole back in 2002. I was still in high school at the time, and I’m writing about it because I don’t know who’s air conditioner it was, so I can’t apologize to them directly. Instead I decided to post the story of the stolen air conditioner right here, and hopefully the right person will read it one day. We were at a party by the lake, and the cabin we were staying in didn’t have any air conditioning. It was hot, so I went outside to cool off, where I saw another cabin that had one of those big window-mounted air conditioners. It was just hanging there on the sill, so I grabbed the base of the air conditioner and yanked it free. It was surprisingly heavy, so I dragged the A/C unit through the dirt back to our cabin and hooked it up. Looking back on it, I understand that I stole an expensive air conditioner, and never made amends for it. I am sorry it ever happened.



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