Mindlessly and Nonjudgementally Get Your Work Done on Days Like These

Last evening was my second rough evening of sleep, so this week I am being extra patient and gentle with myself while I get my toil done.

It is really going to take me a few hours to get it all done this week because my mind is moving a bit slower than normal.

I’m not looking ahead to how much toil I still have to do, but instead just chugging along in the moment and letting it get done on its own. I suppose I can have the writing portion of the heating and cooling online toil done in an hour or so, and after that I have to do some toil on my aunt’s heat pump for a little while. I also have to do some other online toil for about 45 minutes and after that I am free for the rest of the day. My sibling and I are going to this HVAC contractor later to check out their latest HVAC technology in the store and maybe even buy one of those current smart control units if the price is right. I suppose they cost around $100 or so if I am not mistaken, and if that is the case after that I will most likely get one for my aunt for a gift. I will also try to help her with the electric furnace filter because she says it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and is really quite dirty. I suppose it is self-explanatory to access so it should not be a big deal to take out and scrub for her.