My apartment building doesn’t have Zone Control.

I wasn’t too concerned about where the thermostat was when I took the apartment. I had a beautiful apartment for less rent than I was planning on paying. There was a beautiful view of the park, and a swimming pool on top of the roof, and in the basement. Two days after I moved in, I was looking for the thermostat for my bedroom. I wanted to turn the temperature down so I was more comfortable while sleeping. I called the building manager and asked where I would find the thermostats. I could see the frown in his voice, when he asked if the superintendent hadn’t told me there were no thermostats. There was no Zone Control in the building, because it was an integrated HVAC system and totally automated. I wanted to know if my temperatures were controlled by one main thermostat? He said that wasn’t how it worked. They could set some temperature zones in my apartment, and all I had to do was tell what temperature I liked, and it would be put into the computer. I couldn’t believe the building superintendent hadn’t told me about this being an integrated building and the HvAC system was computer controlled. It was cool to know, but I wished I had been told about it before moving in. I spent the next couple of weeks getting used to asking other people to turn up the thermostat in my home, but I did. Now, I am loving my new apartment, and I hope to someday have the same type of HVAC system in my home, when I get to that point.
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