My buddy reupholstered a sofa he found in the dumpster

Ever since I can remember, my father and sibling have been obsessed with dumpster diving, over the years, they have found so various things inside these dumpsters, then as a child, I got clothes, shoes, toys, and so much more, and at the time, I didn’t know where this stuff was coming from.

It was literally Christmas every afternoon in my house, and as long as I got a new surprise, I was constantly cheerful, then well, it has been well over 20 years since they have been dumpster diving and though my dad is no longer doing it as much as me sometimes, he would join him especially if my sibling needed help with something! That happened last weekend when my sibling found a sofa on the side of the road, but he called my dad because he wanted this sofa so badly.

It was a brown leather couch that was surprisingly in good condition. Aside from a few blemishes and some small cracks in the leather, the sofa was sturdy and perfectly fine. So, I understand why my sibling wanted it so badly. He planned on reupholstering the sofa and keeping it for himself, and luckily, he has a friend who owns a reupholstering and weather repair corporation in town, so he was able to get the sofa over to his shop. Within a couple of afternoons after the sofa was reupholstered, it looked like a brand new sofa. In fact, if I didn’t know that it was from a dumpster, I would have never guessed it, and my sibling got a brand new sofa and all he had to do was pay the cost for it to be reupholstered. I consider that a win for dumpster diving.


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