My dad didn’t want to trust an HVAC tech

My dad is the type of person that likes to do everything himself.

  • He doesn’t count on anyone and believes that everything can be handled with his own hands.

I know this man, and he definitely has trust issues with anyone in life. Well, anyone besides my mom. He doesn’t even trust my sister and I. I understand for things like repairs or building stuff but I can make my own pb&j sandwich! It’s not that hard but he likes to get involved with everything in life. When it comes to repairs and such, he will do his best to figure out the solution and get the job done, well, for the most part. I just think he likes to fill in time with doing things. I know for a fact he doesn’t the HVAC company or the heating and cooling techs. If anything happens to our heating or air conditioning system, he won’t even bother calling someone to do it. I really don’t know what happened for him to feel this way. He may even trust them but he always says, “I don’t trust them.” To be honest, he says that same phrase about anything he doesn’t want to pay for. As I think about it, he is kind of cheap and doesn’t like to spend money. I’m actually now thinking that might be the issue. He did grow up in a poor household so it makes sense that he wants to do everything himself. All I know is when I get older, time is important and I’ll pay someone who probably can get the job done much faster than I could.


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