My father needs assistance with covering the cost for an HVAC serviceman

My father most definitely is struggling with life in general, however ever since my mom died some time ago, he has been spiraling out of control… You’ll find him at the bar extremely often and blowing through a great deal of money.

That’s how it was until he started to turn it around the last couple of months.

Sadly, the spiral that happened has put him in a financial situation and you can see he wishes he was able to take care of himself better. I understand how he feels about everything for certain, that was the total love of his life for 50 years and he was lost after her departure. I had to be strong for my children and my husband so I couldn’t let myself fall apart like him. Recently with the financial drawback, my father easily had some things going wrong with the dwelling. Recently, his HVAC appliance totally broke and with the frosty season approaching, he absolutely won’t be able to get a heating and cooling serviceman to come to his dwelling. He already told me that he called the HVAC company and they will send out an HVAC appliance worker to see what the issue is with my father’s HVAC system. My father basically just doesn’t want to have an HVAC appliance pro come out for nothing. My father seems to think he won’t be able to get his HVAC appliance fixed until after the holidays. That I can say can’t happen for him. He will certainly freeze to death. So I talked to my husband and for his Christmas gift, our gift to my father will be paying for the HVAC appliance company to send out an HVAC appliance worker to do the repairs that are needed. I see he is easily attempting to get his life back together now and I am here to help make sure he accomplishes that.


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