My friend has a space heater

My friend and I were staying at a hotel briefly.

We were actually heading to different places but they were going in the same direction.

We figured we would enjoy each other’s company and so that is why we have been traveling together. Since it was going to take over a day to get to our destinations, we stayed at a hotel. There was only one problem. The hotel didn’t have working heating and air conditioning. I wish they would have mentioned this before, because otherwise we would have gone to a different hotel, but at the same time, I am not surprised, I have not had the best of luck when it came to hotels and air conditioning, so I was already planning on being without heating and air conditioning. However, my friend had other plans. My friend went down to his car and grabbed something, and I was surprised to see him carry a small object all the way back up to our room. I wasn’t even sure what he was carrying, and he explained it was a space heater. A space heating system would be great for keeping the room warm, but this space HVAC also had the ability to cool. It was a portable heating and air conditioning machine which was super cool, and it also worked great. I guess we weren’t going without HVAC after all. I am really glad my friend came prepared, because having heating and air conditioning is something I greatly enjoy.



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