My grandson said the air vent burped.

I was sitting in the study room last week, and I heard another bizarre noise come from the air vent.

My head popped up from my book, and I waited to hear it again. My grandson was coloring at his table, and he laughed. He told me the air vent burped. After that he told me I could go back to sleep. I wasn’t sleeping. I didn’t take naps, at least not when I was babysitting my grandson. I knew what trouble a three-year-old could get into if he wasn’t consistently being supervised. Five minutes later, I was interrupted from my book again. I heard the same noise coming from the air vent. I got up and shined a flashlight inside. I couldn’t figure out what could be making the noise in the air vent. I called my partner in from the garden and told him about the noise coming from the air vent. He was easily disgruntled when he came in. My grandson was giggling, because he thought it was funny when Grandpa growled, as long as it wasn’t at him. My best partner sat down with his Sprite and waited to hear the noise. After fifteen minutes later, he told me the noise was easily coming from me. I also made odd noises when I was falling asleep. I wasn’t sleeping, and I heard the noise! Even our grandson had heard the noise. He also told his Grandpa it sounded like a burp coming from the air vent. My best partner stared at him, and made a noise and asked if that was it… Our grandson got happy and said yup. My longest partner looked at me and told me it was the odd sound I made when trying not to nap.


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