My Heating & Air Conditioning corporation is on the run

Watching cable the other day with my dad & a special news chop stopped us from enjoying our favorite car show, apparently, it’s a hit & run & someone is being held hostage.

After a few hours of the live feed of what was going on the hophase was a person in her early 30s by the name of Barbara Singleton & she is a local resident from where we live, maybe a block or 2 from us, and the helicopter that is providing the news feed is following an Heating & Air Conditioning van, then you can see numerous cop cars following it & it is a horrifying sight to see.

Then they released the name of the person driving the Heating & Air Conditioning van, his name was Walter Greenley; My dad opened his eyeah wide & said that is the guy who the heating & cooling corporation sent to our beach house numerous days ago to service our central heating. My dad turned the volume up on the cable & listened intensely. All you can hear from him is “holy moly,” “wow,” & “this guy.” He muttered other choice words which are not undoubtedly nice I can say, then he cannot assume that a heating corporation was on the run before our eyeah & he had a conversation with him. The worried thing is that my dad said he was a superb guy & they had a superb conversation about our local pigskin team while he was here. They even exchanged numbers & thought it would be cool to go out for a drink next weekend. I think my dad l earned that day that people can be ridiculous behind closed doors.


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