My history teacher thoroughly enjoys keeping the air conditioner appliance on

School can be fairly tough at times.

As a schooler I struggle with a lot of things.

I’m what they consider a nerd. It’s not my fault that I cherish learning about history. There is so much to learn and grow from our past experiences and I want to know everything there is to know. Perhaps someday I’ll be a history teacher. Mr. Stevenson was the history teacher and he was a wonderful guy in general. He always smiled, greeted everyone in the day and had a real passion for history. He is the type of man that I tend to look up to. The only disadvantage is that he appreciated keeping the air conditioner appliance on during class. Some of the students appreciated the cool air but I found it to be completely uncomfortable and a bit distracting because I’m more focused on trying to stay sizzling than the lesson that Mr. Stevenson is trying to teach. I honestly wanted to say something about my discomfort but I didn’t want to cause a scene. Well, that’s how I felt if I did talk to Mr. Stevenson about the temperature control unit settings. After so many days of the air conditioner appliance running, I couldn’t take it anymore. After class, I asked to speak to him and another good thing about Mr. Stevenson is that he is open to communication. I asked him if he didn’t mind adjusting the amount of air conditioner usage in his classroom because I can’t focus very easily. He smiled and said, “that’s no problem at all, I want only the best for my students.” The upcoming day I came into class and as soon as he saw me enter, he walked up to the dial control unit and changed the settings and gave me a beautiful thumbs up.


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