My husband wanted heat in the garage.

My husband wanted heat in the garage. I smiled because he had a car that was nothing but an eyesore, sitting in the driveway. Very nicely, I told him to put the car in the garage and set it on fire. That would be enough heat for him. He was happy with my comment, so he turned and walked away from me. It was a responsible response, but I knew he got what I was talking about with the car. I would have never burnt the garage down, because our daughter lived in the apartment above the garage. She would be back in my house with us, and that was more expensive than letting her in the apartment. I told him that if he wanted HVAC, we could add to the mini split HVAC system we had in the garage apartment. It was very efficient and it wouldn’t cost much to get another unit. He wasn’t sure he wanted air conditioning and said all he wanted was heat. He was being so impossible, that I told him to do whatever he wanted. A week later, an HvAC service van pulled into our driveway. I walked out to the garage to see what he was doing. My husband was telling him where he wanted the ductless HVAC system installed. When the HVAC technician told him it would be better to place it on a different wall, my husband reminded him whose garage it was. I walked in and told the HVAC technician that he was the expert and to put the mini split wherever he thought it should go.

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