My husband wanted to call the HVAC company.

For days, my husband had been complaining about the noise in the walls.

He was sure there was something wrong with the ductwork or the furnace.

He said the noise sounded like something inside the ductwork, and it had to be the heating being forced through so quickly. I listened to the furnace, but nothing sounded off. It was turning on and off at regular intervals. The heat was just as good as it was the day we got the furnace. I remembered those sounds from when I lived with my parents. I told him I didn’t think the noise had anything to do with the HVAC system. I thought the noise was coming from an invasion of mice in the house. He thought this was nonsense and he wanted to call the HVAC company. I made a bet with him. If he called the HVAC company and they told him it was just mice in the walls, he would pay for the exterminator, and take me away for a weekend. He was so sure he was right about the HVAC system, that he took my bet and shook hands with me. When the HVAC technician arrived, he looked at the furnace and then he looked inside the ductwork. He turned to my husband and said he thought we had mice in the walls, because the HVAC system was fine. I patted my husband’s cheek and told him I would look to see where I wanted to go for the weekend. He could call the exterminator and have the mice eliminated before we got home.
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