My HVAC company needed some help.

I was having some trouble getting my HVAC company up and running.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it turned around and keep it running.

I thought that once I put the initial grand opening alert in the newspaper and online, business would start coming my way. I was wrong with this assumption. I had opened my HVAC company for less than six months and I wasn’t sure it was going to last another six months. I called a local marketing company and asked what they thought. The woman I spoke to told me I should talk to someone at an online marketing company and ask if they had someone who specialized in HVAC companies. She told me they could help me create a good website, which was the first thing I needed for the HVAC company. With an excellent HVAC website, I would have a platform to advertise my company. I could let people know what my HVAC company skills were. I could have a FAQs page, which was important. Let people find out if they can do some of their own diagnosis or just so people could find out what my goals as a new HVAC company is. With an excellent website, the person creating it could install keywords, which is what the internet uses to find the website. If someone is interested in my company and/or wants to ask a question or set up an appointment, they would do so on the website. She told me that having an HVAC company website was just as important as having the proper tools to do my job. The HVAC company website was one of my best tools for growing the business.

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