My partner shut the boiler off too early.

The last couple of weeks had been really warm, plus we hadn’t used the boiler. My partner shut the boiler off, thinking that Spring was already here, plus we would not need the boiler anymore this year. I guess we should have paid more attention to the weather forecast. Three afternoons later, the bottom dropped out on the temperatures, plus we had ice on the ground. It was so chilly when we got out of bed that I was looking for heavy clothing; As the morning went on, it steadily got colder, plus my partner was trying to turn the boiler back on. I sat on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, dressed in a sweatshirt plus overcoat, plus shivering, he had his winter time overcoat on, while trying to get the fireplace burning so we had heat while he tried to get the boiler to turn back on. I heard him snarling in the basement, however his snarling wasn’t working, then no amount of snarling was getting the boiler to turn on. I called the HVAC contractor plus told them what had happened. That afternoon, the HVAC worker was at the house working on the boiler. He told my partner that if he had a fireplace, he would not worry about the boiler, plus have it fixed in the summer. My pal and I would not have needed to pay for an extra service call, when my partner told me what he said, I laughed. I told him we should have thought of that. At least he didn’t need to go out plus cut firewood to keep the fireplace running. The boiler is running again.


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