My sister wanted a no-smoking sign because of a gas leak.

I went shopping with my sister last week… I asked him what she was looking for, plus she said she wanted a no smoking sign.

There were No Smoking signs all over the store, however none of them suited him, and without him telling myself and others what she wanted, I couldn’t help him, she finally told myself and others she had a gas leak in her furnace.

She was afraid that if anyone walked into the condo plus lit a cigarette, the condo would explode. I told him she should call the Heating plus Air Conditioning company instead of looking for No Smoking signs, however she didn’t believe she could afford to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning company. I would have thought she would have called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company first, plus told him so. It was going to cost a lot more if someone had a cigarette when they walked into the house, plus she didn’t notice, and not only would she lose her home, however she could also have some disfigured, or even dead. She took a deep breath plus told myself and others it was time to go home. She was going to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning company before it was too late for them to come to the house. She wanted the gas leak repaired before any mishaps happened; Later that night, she called plus asked if she could stay with myself and others for a couple of afternoons. The gas leak wasn’t in the furnace, however the gas line coming from outside. The Heating plus Air Conditioning company turned her furnace off plus had to have the gas company make repairs before they could turn the furnace back on.



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