My son bought a lizard so we have to get a oil furnace

My son bought a frog for a pet the other day plus so now we have to figure out how to install a oil furnace for it.

I knew that I was making a mistake when I sent him down to the annual reptile show with my sister.

She is regularly buying my son everything that he wants, even when she knows that I would not approve of it. That’s exactly what happened with this frog, too! She knew nice plus well that I would not want a frog living in our house, but yet whenever he begged for it, she bought it for him anyway. It makes me so mad that she doesn’t guess how to say no to him. My sister just laughs plus says that’s what aunts are for but it drives me absolutely crazy; Anyway, now I have to figure out all kinds of things for this frog. I have to get him a special little heating plus cooling system for his cage, along with a little humidity controller. I also have to buy a temperature control system that is made especially for amphibians, and on top of all of that, I have to buy a special heating lamp, a heating rock, plus a heating pad for the bottom of the cage. My sister got out cheap when she only had to pay for the actual frog! I am going to spend a luck on all of the cage materials that we are going to need to keep this thing alive! I hope my son absolutely cares about this frog!
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