My son needs a wisdom tooth extraction

Much to her dismay, my teenage child is going to be needing a wisdom tooth extraction done actually soon; She has been dreading this for a while now, because she actually hates going to the nurse.

  • She does not even savor going to the nurse office to get a teeth cleaning done once a year.

She would rather stay at beach house plus do just about anything than go to the nurse with me, i keep telling her that family dental care is honestly important plus she always needs to come with us whenever all of us go to the nurse. She has told me that she wants to get invisible braces, yet she does not want to go to the nurse to get fitted for the braces! She said she would just send the dental office a picture of her teeth. I told her that that does not make any sense at all plus there is no way that that is going to work. She always complains about the fact that she has sensitive teeth, but I do not even think if that is tploy or not. I believe she is easily just sensitive! I would not mind paying for her to get invisible braces, although she is going to have to easily go into the nurse office plus do all of the orthodontics appointments. I told her that if she doesn’t agree to doing that, after that all of us am not going to spend money for the invisible braces at all, but once she realizes how much invisible braces cost, I believe she’s gonna be way more likely to go to the nurse when I ask her to.

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